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Connecting Various Interests, CDSS UB Held a Job Workshop

Connecting Various Interests, CDSS UB Held a Job Workshop

Kota Malang—As an internal agenda of the Center for Disability Studies and Services Universitas Brawijaya, workshop related to employment were held again. In this occasion, titled “Workshop on Building Collaboration on the Creation of Employment Opportunities for Workforce with Disabilities,” it was followed up with the signing of collaboration between various institutions focused on employment, especially related to workers with disabilities. Placed at Aria Gajayana Hotel on 15 November, 2018, the activity resulted in an agreement between CDSS UB, Career and Entrepreneurship Development Unit Universitas Brawijaya (UPKK UB), D-Network, and PT. Prima Karya Sarana Sejahtera (PKSS).

Having an opportunity to give an introduction in this activity, Chairman of the CDSS UB PSLD Fadillah Putra, Ph.D. said that so far UB alumni have not been fully absorbed in the workplace, especially alumni with disabilities. “In addition to fostering the potential of students to develop both in terms of soft skills and hard skills, there is also a need for initiation to connect alumni with disabilities to the workplace,” he said.

As moderator, Secretary of CDSS UB Slamet Thohari guides workshop speaker Arina Pradhita from D-Network, Ariza Cilvia Nora from PKSS Malang, and Marsuki from UPKK UB to deliver their presentation on employment and opportunities for cooperation to be built by the various institutions.

Arina Pradhita said, D-Network has been successful in bridging persons with disabilities to the workplace. “Since our establishment, we have tried to continue to provide qualified service. The website can be accessed,”Arina explained. She also played short movie about D-Network profiles.

On the next occasion, Ariza Cilvia Nora who represented PKSS Malang gave an example of some people with disabilities who had entered the workforce and had succeeded in carrying out their roles in their respective sectors of work. No exception is the obstacle that she and her friends at PKSS Malang faced. “Although there were indeed a number of things we have not been able to fully overcome, such as helping Deaf friends,” she said.

Marsuki, a representative of UPKK UB or formerly known as UB’s Placement Center, emphasized that besides being a skilled worker, there are also opportunities for entrepreneurship that can be undertaken by persons with disabilities. “So that’s how it is, in addition to choosing to register as staff or workers in an institution or company, we actually have other choices, namely becoming entrepreneurs,” he said closing the conversation.

In further sessions, participants and presenters were divided into three groups guided by Wahyu Widodo, M. Hum, Unita Werdi Rahajeng, and Yuyun Riani. The division of groups was assigned to discuss any needs according to their group interests. The results of the discussion were written on a sheet of paper that would be made into a detailed agreement between the various parties present, so that the contents of the written agreement could later be connected and in accordance with the main agenda of this activity.