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Raja Brawijaya Introduces its Committee on Disability Awareness

Raja Brawijaya Introduces its Committee on Disability Awareness

Kota Malang–The Committee of Raja Brawijaya invited Center for Disability Studies and Services (CDSS) Universitas Brawijaya to facilitate the mentoring and health committee in disability awareness, Sunday, July 29 2018. Raja Brawijaya is the name of 2018 new student orientation committee. Since months ago, the committee has been finalizing the concept and implementation of orientation. Disability awareness is an important part of it.

Alies Poetri Lintangsari, coordinator of service at CDSS UB, gives an introduction to the disability awareness material to 65 committees present at UB Medical Faculty Gazebo. Besides giving an explanation related to disability awareness, she introduces facilitators from CDSS UB.

“This disability awareness will be useful not only when orientation held, but also later,” said Lintang in her introduction.

“In order to facilitate and expedite this training, we will divide into several groups with three posts that will be alternately visited by each group, namely the Deaf post, the Daksa post, and the Tunet post,” Lintang explained.

In the UB Gazebo area, the committee of Raja Brawijaya moved back and forth from one post to another in groups. Facilitators from PSLD UB were busy explaining and practicing various procedures to assist people with disabilities. It will be useful to facilitate 2018 new students in UB and at other times.

In a separate chance, Dendy Arifianto, a blind and alumni of the UB Faculty of Law explained the ways to help and facilitate people with visual disabilities. “Is this place dark?” Dendy joked to begin his explanation. “Oh yeah, I can’t see,” he continued. The trainees laughed because they saw Dendy not as cold as he looked.

In other posts, the Deaf post and the Daksa post, alternating facilitators practiced ways to facilitate people with disabilities, such as how to raise a wheelchair, how to communicate using basic sign language, and several other practices which made participants seem very enthusiastic.

“Know well where this college facility can facilitate us all. So our awareness of space and mobility orientation is very important, remembering where the steps are and what is not,” said one of the facilitators in front of the participants at the Daksa post.

At the Tuli post, Yanda Sinaga along with her other facilitating partners, gives a thorough explanation about the basic communication method using sign language. “The point is to capture understanding and provide understanding,” said Yanda. She also trains participants to communicate with each other and guess songs with sign language.

Separately, Raja Brawijaya Public Relations Coordinator Getsa Ane Widyaputri said, “We are heading towards an inclusive campus, so the inclusive attitude must start early. New students must be shown and familiarized with this condition. In addition, this is an obligation considering that every year UB accepts students with disabilities,” she explained.

Nearing the break, the training ends after all the trainees had passed the post.