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Raising Its Target, IJDS Improving the Management

Raising Its Target, IJDS Improving the Management

Kota Malang—Since its first publication in 2014, the Indonesian Journal of Disability Studies (IJDS) managed by the Center for Disability Studies and Services Universitas Brawijaya (CDSS UB) continues to improve. This improvement aims at rearranging management and its website interface. As part of the Open Journal System, IJDS has followed the standards that have been in force as a scientific journal.

To achieve this new target and the beginning of this reform, the IJDS editorial board held a Journal Management Improvement Workshop at Ijen Suites on Tuesday, October 9, 2018. This activity presented relevant parties to work together in the improvement and sustainability of article writing in it. IJDS Editor invites the Ketahanan Jurnal UB, UPT TIK UB, authors on IJDS on previous editions, activists and elements that focus on disability issues, and various journal managers with disability issues.

Sugiono, PhD., Editor in Chief of IJDS, in his introduction emphasized that the publication of scientific journal must be in line with good editorial management. “IJDS has been published since 2014. We have been very excited to develop this journal, one of them because scientific journals on disability issues are still rare in Indonesia,” Sugiono said.

In the previous series, Chairman of the Educational Development Institute and Quality Assurance of Universitas Brawijaya (LP3M UB) Ir. Achmad Wicaksono, M.Eng., Ph.D., and Chair of CDSS UB, Fadillah Putra, Ph.D., also gave a speech appreciating the consistency of IJDS in publishing scientific articles so far.

“I am very impressed because this journal is one of the most consistent publications in UB. In terms of visiting the website, to access and quote, as stated by Mr. Sugiono, it is also very much and recorded in Google Scholar,” Wicaksono appreciated.

Focus on Management and Management

In the next session, as at the rundown the committee has made, the activity continued with the provision of material by Dhiana Puspitawati, SH., LLM., Ph.D. from Ketahanan Jurnal UB and Rizki Trisnadi, S.T. from UPT TIK UB.

Dhiana provided material on how to manage journals ideally. In his presentation, she said that the seriousness of the editor was a milestone in publishing consistency and safeguarding scholarship.

“So, it must be clear in terms of rules, management, and the process of review and editing until the publication,” said Dhiana who is also a lecturer at the Law School Universitas Brawijaya.

On the next occasion, Rizki conveyed the ins and outs of offline journal management relationships with systems available online. On another hand, he explained in detail the management of accounts in the Open Journal System. According to him, the mechanisms related to account registration, how to submit articles, to the arrangements related to editing and review must be understood as much as possible by editors, reviewers, writers and readers alike. (mhn)