PSLD Programs

PSLD Programs

  • socialization and promotion

Socialization activities PSLD UB is UB PSLD goes public. At first activity held by the board PSLD UB by visiting some schools like SMALB or SMA inclusions. But over time this activity was developed with the schools invited to attend a workshop on PSLD UB. In addition PSLD UB also made several media such as web and brochure. Here’s the official web address PSLD UB (www.psld.ub.ac.id).

  • recruitment volunteer

PSLD open for everyone who wants to help the disability students in learning process as a volunteer

  • academic companion

volunteer accompany disability students in learning process

  • selection program for new student of Brawijaya University called SPKPD

SPKPD is a selection of new admissions UB (UB) is intended for persons with disabilities. SPKPD Committee will conduct a series of selection of candidates for students with disabilities who have the capability in accordance with the chosen majors. Each persons with disabilities have the opportunity to obtain a scholarship in accordance with the requirements of each scholarship

  • Sign Language Training

student and companion PSLD (volunteers) are given special training on sign language (sign language). The learned sign language for the deaf student mentoring. Participants are introduced to simple sign language used in the campus environment. This activity is held twice a year.

  • Workshop of Digitizing Books

Workshop of Book Digitization is the process of training for digitizing or over print into digital form. Digitization is create a document archive digital form, for help the students with disabilities, particularly the visually impaired students. In this training the digitalizer (call for volunteers who digitize books) are given an explanation of how the process of digitizing books, because digitizing books using several tools such as computers, scanners, operators and supporting software media sources. For the purposes of the tools provided by the UB PSLD.

  • Training of Orientation Mobility


  • ¬†Workshop Disability Awareness

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