PSLD Profile

PSLD Profile

Welcome in PSLD Blog

PSLD is an Internal institution of Brawijaya University. it was found on 2012. The aim of PSLD are giving service for disability  and build Brawijaya University as an Inclusive campus. otherwise PSLD also giving a society service about disability issues in academic way to help disability for better lives and get equal rights in society. In 2013, PSLD has conducted 10 research on disability issues, and one of them is about inclusive finance for disabilities family.

The other program of PSLD is provide training for lecture about teach disability. PSLD has overcome SPKPD Program (Sistem  Penerimaan Khusus Penyandang Disabilitas / selection program for disability new student ).

PSLD UB also has been a pioneer and host campus for University Affairs meeting for over Indonesia.

these are several PSLD programs:

  1. pioneer of Inclusive campus for disabilities in Indonesia
  2. Workshop training of public policy and advocacy for Disability in East Java
  3. Involved in the Drafting Regional Regulation No. 3 of 2013 which concerning the protection and Services for Disabilities
  4. as a mediator between disabilities and the company for job access on the employment workshop
  5. Monitoring for Disability Inclusive Education in East Java
  6. International seminar about disabilities
  7. publishes disabilities Journal
  8. Research disability issues
Center for Disability Studies and Services, (CDSS)
Brawijaya University, Malang, East Java Indonesia

Contact: psld.brawijaya@gmail.com

PSLD-UB, Senat Building 1st floor
Jl Veteran 65145 Malang, East Java Indonesia

Tlp: 0341-7290046. web: www.psld.ub.ac.id



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