New Volunteers Equipped with Basic Sign Language

New Volunteers Equipped with Basic Sign Language

As a series of Disability Awareness Training activities, Basic Sign Language Training is also mandatory for prospective volunteers. Sunday, February 3, 2019, prospective volunteers who had participated in Disability Awareness training the day before had to take part in Basic Sign Language Training.

The training was guided directly by a team of Deaf students in Universitas Brawijaya who were coordinated by Jaepry Minaka. In addition, they were also guided by Yanda, Gani, and Wahyu as sign language translators. As previous training, this basic sign language training lasted almost a day.

The UB Deaf student team introduced Deaf Awareness, letters, introductions and the basics needed to communicate with Deaf friends in Indonesian Sign Language (Bisindo). This is very important in one session considering that Sign Language has become part of a social identity closely related to Deaf people.

Alternately, the team coordinated by Jaepry took turns guiding participants to know and practice sign language. “So, the sign language is our language as Deaf,” Jaepry signed by Yanda.

Jaepry and his friends also introduced participants to Deaf culture, the difference between Deaf culture and hearing culture, and emphasized the right call for them to no longer be called “tunarungu (people with impaired hearing)”.

“Word “tunarungu” has the prefix “tuna” which means “impaired”, so using “Tuli (Deaf)” is actually better. Even though there are some who still consider it impolite,” Jaepry gestured to the participants.