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Improving the Inclusion of Lectures in UB, PSLD Hold Sign Language Training for Lecturers

Improving the Inclusion of Lectures in UB, PSLD Hold Sign Language Training for Lecturers

Kota Malang – As a part of way to communicate, sign language is needed by many people, especially to delivery lecture materials at a university. By these considerations, Center for Disability Studies and Services Universitas Brawijaya designed sign language training targeting lecturers. Held on the 10th Floor of the Gedung Layanan Bersama UB, the Sign Language Training for UB Lecturers took place with a schedule range for two consecutive days, 30-31 July 2018.

Since a month earlier, opening of registration for this training was held. However, the number of prospective participants is limited to the effectiveness of the continuity of training. At the training, 40 lecturers from various faculties, departments, and study programs at UB have attended a training facilitated by Fikri Muhandis and Rieka Aprilia Hermansyah. Both are deaf students in UB. Fikri has already graduated from the Faculty of Cultural Studies, while Rieka is a student of the UB Department of Economics and Business Management. In addition, both of them are activists at Akar Tuli Malang.

Before the training was held on the first day, Chairman of the Center Fadillah Putra explained in his speech that sign language is very important. “Considering that the number of Deaf students is also very dominant on this campus,” he explained.

After the greeting session passed, Fikri and Rieka as the facilitators began preparing the tools and prepared to begin training. Both delivered with sign language and assisted by translator Nisrina Firdausi, CDSS UB volunteer. Before entering into the material and basic practices of sign language, Fikri, who preceded giving an explanation, explained how deaf awareness and Deaf culture are.

“So we are very happy because you all took the time to take part in this training,” Fikri gestures spoken by Nisrina.

During the first half of the day, the participants got the basic things about deaf awareness and the Indonesian Sign Language alphabet, along with the greeting in sign language. On the second day, in addition to repeating the training material on the first day, participants were involved in the practice of communication in sign language, both with facilitators or fellow participants.