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EM UB Visits CDSS to Discuss Inclusive Infrastructure

EM UB Visits CDSS to Discuss Inclusive Infrastructure

Kota Malang-Following up on the previous meeting discussing infrastructure in Universitas Brawijaya, UB’s Student Executive or EM UB held buka bersama at the Center for Disability Studies and Service , Thursday, May 24, 2018.

In a plan of Ministry of Campus Policy, the ministry of EM UB oversees the process and implementation of this activity, Deputy Chancellor 3, Deputy Dean 3 of the Vocational Program, Faculty of Cultural Studies, and Faculty of Computer Science. In these two faculties and one program, students with disabilities in UB are significant in number compared to other departments.

In this activity entitled Ramadan Berkah Brawijaya, Luluk from the Property Division, General and Staffing Bureau of the UB’s Head Office, also attended. From CDSS UB, the Chairman Fadillah Putra welcomed the invitation and participants of the activity. Luluk provided a fairly detailed explanation of the infrastructure improvement budget flow. This certainly concerns the provision of inclusive facilities for all UB academic community members.

“… for gradual improvement. Because what was done this year, the budget was made in advance. So what can be proposed now will probably be implemented next year,” said Luluk clearly.

In addition, Fadillah Putra also provided an explanation regarding the availability of facilities and their support with disability awareness. “There are principles that we should follow, such as Universal Design. “In addition, there is also human awareness not to abuse inclusive facilities,” he explained.

Student with Disabilities Speak

From disabled students, there were several proposals emerged. Abimanyu, a student of the Government Science Department, said that so far CDSS UB certainly hasn’t arrived at mentoring outside the academic field. “For example, PSLD has not been able to provide assistance to be active in the intra-campus organization, while the majority of students with disabilities in UB are deaf. What if every student organization must have at least one person who can provide sign language? That’s my suggestion, “Abi said firmly.

Rara Lingga, Head of UB’s Disability Student Care Forum, also commented. According to her, there were already a number of facilities that had been attempted to meet the needs, but were misused. “Yes, for example, beside the UB main building, people are often misused. We need to find ways to have some kind of warning that can make people easily understand,” said Rara.

Muhammad Hasan suggested that the Friday sermon at the Raden Patah UB Mosque provided a sign language translator or running text which could make the Deaf students or congregation understand the contents of the sermon. (mhn)

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