Seorang difabel Tuli memperagakan praktik berbahasa isyarat di pelatihan Bahasa Isyarat Dasar pada volunteer.


More Than 100 Students Joined Disability Awareness Training

More Than 100 Students Joined Disability Awareness Training

Since the announcement of volunteer recruitment for PSLD UB in November 2019, registrants have exploded up to more than 150 students. The recruitment aimed at non-disabled students at UB indeed attracts many students. More than just students from outside UB agreed to be interested in joining.

From 156 registrants, the confirmation came to Disability Awareness Training reached 120 people. The rest are unable to attend because of academic activities held in conjunction with a training schedule on 29 February 2020 in the UB Gedung Kebudayaan Mahasiswa (GKM). However, the registrants still have opportunity to attend the training in the next period.

In this training, participants received material provided for previous volunteer training, namely how to understand disability from social model, how to assist students with disabilities in academic activities, and practices which were divided into four types of posts.

The four posts adjust disability types in general in UB, namely the Deaf Post, the Daksa Post, the Mental Post, and the Netra Post. Participants who played more than 100 people were divided into groups that had to take turns through all the posts. Thus, participants could participate the assistance practices at these posts.

Fasya Hariyuda Pratama, Deaf student at UB, facilitated the participants in the Deaf Post. Together with Krishna Sekar Larasati, who is also a Deaf student, he guided participants to learn about Deaf awareness and basic sign language.

“I hope this training can make participants more close to disabled students in UB,” said Fasya translated by Rachmawati Ayu Kuswoyo, PSLD UB tutorial staff.

In another post, Alies Poetri Lintangsari and Ziadatul Hikmiah briefed participants at the Mental Post. Whereas in Pos Netra facilitated by Tommy Hari Firmanda and I Made Wikandana. At the Daksa Post, Rizky Tri Sulistyo, Intan Syarifah and Ello Kusuma guided the participants to how to handle persons with physical disabilities.

“They will also be agents of change in the classroom, at the faculty, or at the university level in UB,” hoped Wikan, a blind student of the International Relations Department of UB.