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Ayo Inklusif! Continuing Work Training at Kota Malang

Ayo Inklusif! Continuing Work Training at Kota Malang

Kota Malang—Ayo Inklusif! Consortium held Basic Vocational Training for 25 youth with disabilities. The training participants were different from the trainees in Surabaya. The training was located at Hotel Santika Premier, Monday-Wednesday, May 21-23 2018. For three days, participants received training materials as in previous training in Surabaya.

Debriefing through basic job skills training is intended to give a touch to the youth with disabilities that soft skills are very important in workplace. For this reason, the training materials for this activity were very specific to soft skills and continued with an introductory materials regarding the relationship between soft skills and hard skills.

On the first day, it was opened by the Chairman of the Center for Disability Studies and Services Universitas Brawijaya, Fadillah Putra. He said that this activity was part of the dissemination of joint efforts to make every line of life more inclusive, including the workplace.

“It is also our goal (inclusiveness of the place and the world of work, ed.),” said Fadillah Putra.

On the first day, the training course was guided by a team from Saujana. While facilitation on soft skills was carried out by Alies Poetri Lintangsari and Unita Werdi Rahajeng respectively until the break.

On the second day, participants received explanations from Dian Nita from PT. Karya Surya Gemilang Works (KPSG). Dian conveyed her experiences relating to prospective disabled workers. This session aims to enable participants to understand the condition of workplace socially.