For New Year, Continuing Big Plan

For New Year, Continuing Big Plan

Towards the turn of the year from 2018 to 2019, The Center for Disability Studies and Services Universitas Brawijaya holds Work Plan Meetings, Program Evaluations, and Management Review Preparation at Ubud Hotel & Villas, Monday, December 17 2018. This meeting and evaluation are aimed at continuously improving service quality and studies related to disability issues in Universitas Brawijaya and Indonesia.

The evaluation of the activities of PSLD UB during 2018 takes precedence over the forum before discussing the work plan and preparation of the Management Review. Assisted by the Chairman of the CDSS UB Fadillah Putra, Ph.D. this activity lasts until 16.00 WIB. Of the many activities that have been traversed during 2018, many have been directed towards the target of CDSS UB.

“These are our achievements this year. It seems that there are lots of activities both long-term and prospective or the event we have been through,” he says.

After the introduction to the activity is delivered, each coordinator and person in charge of the activities convey the possible achievements and plans that will be carried out in the coming year. Facilitated by the Secretary of CDSS UB Slamet Thohari, S.Fil., MA., this follow-up activity seemed relaxed and timely.

Emphasizing Services, Without Forgetting Studies

As a center of study and service, CDSS UB aims to provide good services and at the same time study relevant to the issues brought. On this agenda, Slamet Thohari said that there are plans that need to be re-specified regarding the journals, namely the plan to hold an international conference entitled “International Conference on Disability and Diversity in Asia”.

“This is a kind of continuation of an international conference which has been held by CDSS UB a few years ago. That’s why the title is same,” explains Slamet.

To sharpen the agenda of this conference, attendees who are administrators of PSLD UB immediately took the initiative to form the committee and timeline of activities. Wahyu Widodo, M. Hum. immediately appointed as the person in charge and chairman of the committee of this conference.

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