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Facing Pimnas, CDSS UB Starts with Writing Workshop

Facing Pimnas, CDSS UB Starts with Writing Workshop

Kota Malang—The implementation of Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional every year also attracts students with disabilities in Universitas Brawijaya to take part. The involvement of students with disability in Pimnas can also bring themes related to disability issues to these prestigious competitions. For this reason, the Center for Disability Studies and Services Universitas Brawijaya (CDSS UB) provides disabled and non-disabled students interested in writing about disability issues with workshops which will be followed up with writing forums.

Holding at Ruang Pertemuan Gedung Layanan Bersama Universitas Brawijaya at 31 Oktober 2018, this activity titled “Workshop Tips & Tricks Juara PKM Isu Disabilitas” invited two experienced speakers, Anjas Pramono, a student with disability at Computer Science Universitas Brawijaya, and Dwi Retnoningsih, a lecturer for Agriculture Faculty of Universitas Brawijaya who is also an expert staff for vice dean of the faculty.

In his introduction, Rachmad Gustomy, the Coordinator of Journal and Study Division CDSS UB, said that this agenda is also to attaching disability issues in PKM. “As inclusive college, the involvement of students with disabilities in Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa, whether at campus or national level, is undoubtedly,” said Rachmad Gustomy.

The first speaker, Dwi Retnoningsih, opened her session by telling her myriads of experiences as supervisor for PKM. According to her, PKM themes can be conducted with simple question about daily experience we face. Dwi gave an example how Anjas, the second speaker, invented Difodeaf (sign language dictionary able to be installed in Android-based smartphone).

“We have been champion of Pimnas several times in consecutive years. This is a provision to win the competition again,” added Dwi encouraging participants. Moreover, Dwi also delivered some techniques which have to be completed in writing PKM for Pimnas.

In the next session, Anjas Pramono who already come back from international level of innovation and discovery championship, spoke about his experiences in having the opportunity to involve in the competitions. He has involved in “i-IDEA: International Innovation Design and Articulation” in Malaysia in the middle of 2018. Last month, he has been accepted in two prestigious events, “International Young Inventors Award” in Bali and “International Innovation Fair” in India. Now, he has been developing “Locable”, an application which has ability to guide people with physical disabilities to accessible locations and spots.

Anjas emphasized the importance of collaborating with fellow students from different faculties. This suggestion was also the answer to some of the participants’ questions which lead to practical useful findings that are usually raised in national or international competitions. “Collaboration is important. Thus, a creative idea will emerge. Usually friends from social can find problems that can be equipped with technical solutions by friends from exact sciences. That’s just an example,” said Anjas.