Tutorials are intensive learning organised by PSLD UB for students with disabilities, as learning enrichment. In learning written language, Deaf students experience several obstacles, one of which is understanding language concepts in accordance with scientific language rules such as grammar, use of conjunctions, etc. Tutorials are divided into three types, namely (1) thesis / TA / Internship Report tutorials, (2) Indonesian and English tutorials, and (3) course tutorials.

Submission of thesis/TA/Internship Report tutorials is done at the beginning of the semester so that the determination of tutors will be more scheduled. Then, Indonesian/English tutorials and subject tutorials are conducted at all times and there is no submission limit. The tutor schedule will only be made for madifs who have registered/submitted a tutor. The tutorial submission procedure is as follows.

  1. Fill out and submit the tutorial application form at this link;
  2. Waiting for confirmation from the tutorial coordinator regarding the tutor.
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