Our Work


Throughout the year, our main work is to serve people with disabilities at Brawijaya University.

Public relation and advocacy

Working with different parties and sectors to promote disability issues and practices through advocacy.

Service development

In order to strengthen inclusive and accessible services, CDS emphasises the importance of research and studies.

Program kerja utama Subdirektorat Layanan Disabilitas Universitas Brawijaya adalah layanan kepada penyandang disabilitas di lingkungan Universitas Brawijaya. Layanan tersebut terutama menyasar mahasiswa, dosen, dan tenaga kependidikan. Ada enam layanan PLD UB yang terdiri dari layanan akomodasi, layanan aksesibilitas, tutorial, konseling, digitisasi buku, dan layanan mobilitas. Layanan ini diselenggarakan secara rutin sehari-hari sebagai sebuah tonggak utama penyelenggaraan pendidikan inklusif di perguruan tinggi.

To support the main programme, the Disability Service Centre also organises a number of activities. These include:

In addition to working on disability inclusion at Brawijaya University, PLD is also involved in many activities related to disability, both regionally, nationally and internationally.

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