Zero Project Award 2020

Zero Project Award 2020 in Vienna, Austria, thanks to the openness of Brawijaya University through CDS in designing an inclusive university admission for students with disabilities.

Slamet Thohari berbincang bersama Andy F. Noya dalam kesempatan Anugerah Gantari 2018.

Gantari Award 2018

Anugerah Gantari Award to the founder of CDS UB, Slamet Thohari, MA., for his persistence and activism in fighting for the issue of inclusion-disability in higher education.

foto bersama semua peserta, panitia, pemateri dan pimpinan LP3M UB dan PSLD UB

Indonesian Public Services Award

CDS UB has been named a finalist for KIPP KemenPANRB 2021 representing the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology for its success in disability-inclusive services at Indonesia’s higher education level.

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