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Continuing Public Space Accessibility Campaign, Video Competition Final Held

Continuing Public Space Accessibility Campaign, Video Competition Final Held

Kota Malang—After starting the Video Competition entitled “Anxiety Expression on Public Facility” in mid-November 2018, CDSS UB holds the final of the competition today, December 8, 2018. This competition is part of the creative campaign agenda of CDSS UB to increase people’s disability awareness towards public space.

Today’s stage is the final stage after participants from all over Indonesia send their videos and published on CDSS UB’s social media accounts. Public enthusiasm is high for these videos. With various genres and themes, responses have emerged regarding the accessibility of public facilities. The diversity of responses can be drawn into, “The inclusiveness of our public space in Indonesia is still very minimal, both in terms of planning policy and implementation.”

Finalists consist of 10 groups from each of the two categories, College Student/General and Students from Senior or Junior High School. After going through the publication and selection process, each group representative was invited to Malang to present their works. CDSS UB invited expert judges in this process, namely Kusuma Pradana Ramadani, S, Sos., Wahyu Widodo, M. Hum., And Yuyun Riani, M.Sc., guided by Rachmawati Ayu Kuswoyo as MC.

Participants are given a maximum of 10 minutes to present their works. Four representatives of the contestants are unable to attend the final and have been given the opportunity to present their videos via Skype. The selection process is very interesting. Participants can express the background, goals, and creative ideas that emerge behind the videos.

“I really appreciate this competition. This is very rare, related to the theme of inclusiveness of public facilities. It’s a matter of awareness, not just losing and winning the competition,” says Muhammad Zahlul Fadhil, a participant from the Yogyakarta Indonesian Institute of Art.
I Made Wikandana, a contestant from Universitas Brawijaya, reveals that his video is the beginning of the campaign he wanted to do with his friends. “This is the work of many people. We are in groups and express our ideas in it,” says Wikan, as he is called regularly.

School Students are Very Creative Too
From the School Student category, participants are no less creative in expressing their ideas in 1 minute of video duration. M. Syarifuddin, participant from Tambak Beras High School in Jombang, says, “The basic idea of this video is the experience which we raised from the unavailability of accessible facilities for persons with disabilities.”

In general, many of the participants’ works contained disability awareness. Packaging in the form of videos is a challenge they go through. Creativity actually appears in the way of disclosure. “We certainly have to think hard about how the idea became a video,” says Syarifuddin. (mhl)