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Binus University Visits CDSS UB

Binus University Visits CDSS UB

Kota Malang—In developing inclusive education at higher education level, Binus University visits the Center for Disability Studies and Services (CDSS) Universitas Brawijaya on Monday, August 20, 2018. For Binus, this is the second chance after previous visit to PSLD UB few months ago.

The Chairman and Secretary of CDSS UB, Fadillah Putra and Slamet Thohari, warmly welcome the presence of the academicians from Binus on the 4th Floor of the Gedung Layanan Bersama UB. In a speech guided by the secretary of PSLD UB, Fadillah Putra expressed respect for the visit.

“I feel impressed with the desire and initiation of Binus to visit here. Previously, we also received several visits from other campuses who want to share experiences with CDSS on inclusive education,” he says.

In addition, the chairman also conveys the institutional, service and research profiles that CDSS UB has been working on since its establishment in 2012. “Inclusive education is mandated by the law and it was previously not implemented properly at the college level in Indonesia. For this reason, here we start,” he continues.

This forum looks very interactive. Each persons from Binus ask questions about the services and research which CDSS UB has involved. “This is because we find some students with disabilities and accompanied by our will to provide services for them,” says Engkos A. Kuncoro, Deputy Rector of Binus University.

In the next session, Slamet Thohari as the Secretary and Yuyun Riani as Public Relations of CDSS UB continue the dialogue with the audience. “Indeed, there are many obstacles that will be encountered, but this will be overcome step by step,” Slamet Thohari says convincingly.

In addition to asking the principal matters in inclusive education in higher education, representatives from Binus University also share experiences related to students with disabilities in Binus. After the presentation about CDSS UB is completed at afternoon, the guests are allowed to visit the Disability Service House, CDSS UB office.

At the Disability Service House, the representatives from Binus meet several students with disabilities chatting on the RLD. On the occasion, guided by Lalu Haries Apriyadi as sign language interpreter, a volunteer at PSLD who is also a student of Faculty of Animal Husbandry UB, the representatives talked to Ahmad Samsul Solihin (Deaf student at the Department of Fine Arts, FIB UB), Alfa Rizky Dean Vantana Zulkarnain (student with physical disability in Law Faculty UB), and Ari Prasetyo, who was just graduated from the Department of Library Science, FIA UB.

“Has there been a bulliying?” asks one representative from Binus.

Through Lalu, Samsul and Alfa answer questions one by one. Until the discussion in the house is over, visitors are still enthusiastic to talk about the personal experiences of students with disabilities and the volunteers in UB.